L141 | 1963 | Anderson

Title: "Language and Metaphor: The Ways We Think in Words"
Lecture Section:  1963	6:40-7:30pm/W

Recent studies have suggested that the ways we think have their basis in
metaphor and that our ideas are not simply influenced, but actually shaped,
by language.  In this version of L141, we want to look at the working of
language to see how it affects the ways we think and the ways we perceive
the world around us.  If you want to know what something means or what
something is, aren't you likely to look it up in a dictionary--that is, in a
book about words?  Just think about this question or about anything else,
and the words, the medium in which you think, will do some of your thinking
for you.  In L141, we'll look at some current ideas about the relation of
words and thinking, and we'll explore a wide variety of relevant texts:
advertisements, short stories, essays and news stories, speeches,
illustrated texts and poems, a play, and a couple of short novels.  Writing
assignments will range from the creative to the analytical.