English | Nineteenth-Century British Fiction
L348 | 2023 | Ah Miller

1:00p-2:15p TR (30) 3 cr

In this courses we will read a collection of the most important (and
enjoyable) nineteenth-century novels and consider their relation to
leading questions of ethics. What is the nature of a good life?  How have
novels helped to form our understanding of ethical development?  How do
novels explore the relation of ethics to politics?  How was ethical
behavior understood differently for men and women? Texts are likely to
include Jane Austen's EMMA, Charles Dickens' GREAT EXPECTATIONS, George
Eliot's MIDDLEMARCH, Margaret Oliphant's MISS MAJORIBANKS, Henry James'
PORTRAIT OF A LADY, Charlotte Bronte's VILLETTE.  We will also read a
small collection of essays by philosophers to help us address the central
issues of the course.  Students will be asked to take two exams and to
write three papers.