English | Introductory Creative Writing
W103 | 1920 | Nixon

11:15a-12:05p M (144) 3 cr
Discussion sections:
1921 8:00a-8:50a WF (18)
1922 9:05a-9:55a WF (18)
1923 10:10a-11:00a WF (18 )
1924 12:20p-1:10p WF (18 )
1925 1:25p -2:15p WF (18 )
1926 2:30p- 3:20p WF (18 )
1927 3:35p- 4:25p WF (18 )
1928 4:40p- 5:30p WF (18 )

This class will encourage students to write poems and stories, in the
context of the literature of our own time as well as of the past. Students
will attend three classes per week, having completed the reading
assignments before each class; they will take a midterm and a final exam
on the reading and the lecture material, and fulfill weekly writing
assignments.  At the end of the semester, students will have finished four
poems and one ten-page story, plus numerous shorter pieces and drafts.
The reading assignments will be found in CONTEMPORARY AMERICAN POETRY,
edited by A. Poulin, Jr., SHORT FICTION:  CLASSIC AND CONTEMPORARY, edited
by Charles H. Bohner, and THE ELEMENTS OF STYLE by Strunk and White, plus
class handouts.