English | Introductory Creative Writing
W103 | 1929 | Wojahn

3:35p-4:25p M (144) 3 cr
1930 9:05a-9:55a WF (18)
1931 10:10a-11:00a WF (18)
1932 11:15a-12:05p WF (18)
1933 12:20p-1:10p WF (18)
1934 1:25p-2:15p WF (18)
1935 2:30p-3:20p WF (18)
1936 3:35p-4:25p WF (18)
1937 3:35p-4:25p WF (18)

W103 is an introductory course in the writing of poetry and of fiction;
students will study the basic techniques, approaches, and subjects of the
two genres, and read extensively in them as well.  The course is designed
for those students who do not necessarily have experience in creative
writing, but who desire to learn more about it; W103 is also the usual
prerequisite for other creative writing offerings.  The major requirements
are examples of the student's own fiction and poetry and exercises in the
two genres, which will be turned in to the course's AIs on a more or less
weekly basis.  Generally, students will complete four or five poems and
revisions of their poems, one or two short stories, and various exercises
which the AIs will also assign.  Students will also attend weekly lectures
on craft, on technique, and on reading assignments from the anthologies.
Midterm and final exams will be given as well.

Probable texts:
Pickering, FICTION 100
INDIANA REVIEW, 1999 issue