Fine Arts | Classical Art and Archaeology
A206 | 2103 | Glowacki

9:30a-10:34a, MW, FA 102

This lecture course is an introductory survey of the art and
archaeology of ancient Greece and Rome from prehistoric times to
the 1st century A.C. Readings & assignments will focus on the
nature and objectives of classical archaeology and its
contribution to our understanding of the past. There are three
main areas of concentration: the pre-classical civilizations of
the Aegean basin (especially Minoan Crete and Mycenaean Greece),
the Greek polis or "city-state" (emphasis on Archaic and
Classical Athens), and the cities & monuments of the Roman Empire
(Augustan Rome, Pompeii and Herculaneum). Special attention will
be given to the development of Greek and Roman art &
architecture, as well as to issues of trade & contact with other
cultures & civilizations in the ancient Mediterranean. We will
also consider the use of art & archaeology in politics &
propaganda (both ancient & modern), current problems &
controversies in classical archaeology, methods of recovery (such
as survey, excavation, & museum study), and issues of
archaeological ethics.

This class meets with Classics C206 : Section: 0990 or 0091

No Prerequisites. This course fulfills Art and
Humanities--Literature and the Arts (AHLA) Distribution
requirement and Culture Studies--List A (CSA) requirement.

Course Materials-Fall 1999  (IUB students only; Network ID