Fine Arts | Romanesque & Gothic Art
A322 | 2105 | Reilly

MW 11:15a-12:30p
FA Room 010

The Romanesque and Gothic periods of the 11th through the 14th
centuries, often termed the High Middle Ages, saw the revival of
monumental vaulted architecture and life-sized stone sculpture.
It also witnessed the recognition of the artist for the first
time since the ancient period, and the growth of a middle class
that could patronize works of art such as manuscripts and
devotional images.  The major monuments of the Romanesque and
Gothic periods, such as the pilgrimage churches, the Last
Judgement portal at Autun, the abbey of Saint-Denis, and San
Francesco at Assisi and the art of the mendicant orders, will be
examined in the context of the movements and events of the time.

The course grade will be based on a combination of two in-
class tests and a final exam, several brief written assignments
and an 8-page research paper, as well as class attendance and