Fine Arts | Art Theory III: Classicism and Romanticism 1750-1850
A473 | 2115 | Davezac

TR, 4:00p-5:30p, 4cr
FA Room 010

This course will examine the basic assumptions underlying the two
prevalent and rival movements of Neoclassicism and Romanticism
between 1750-1850 in Britain and France, through written
contemporary texts and through the study of works of art in both

While at first, Britain's Neoclassicism owed a large debt to
France and the Continent, the flow of its ideas reversed the
trend, inspiring the development of new movements in France in
the 19th century.

Britain opened up fresh approaches away from the entrenched
French Neoclassicism through the development of such visual
categories as those of the "Sublime" and the "Picturesque" which,
on the Continent, lie at the heart of Romanticism, Realism and
even Impressionism.

Requirements of the course:
- Weekly readings of contemporary texts in conjunction with
examination of works of art.
- Midterm and Final Examinations for undergraduates.
- Midterm and Final Examination and a paper on some aspect of the
period for graduates.