Fine Arts | Problems in Late 19th & Early 20th Century European Art
A634 | 2126 | Facos

Mondays 10a-12p, FA 007

The emergence of the Symbolist movement in art (and literature)
beginning in the 1880s.  We will examine the philosophical and
political origins of Symbolism in Romanticism, and explore the
diffusion of Symbolist ideas to the far corners of Europe (and
America).  Some of the questions we shall consider are:  what is
the difference between Symbolism and Decadence?  Is there a
Symbolist form as well as Symbolist content?  How was Symbolism
transformed and manipulated in response to various political,
social, religious, and philosophical forces?  While beginning
with France, we will examine Symbolism over a wide geographical
range - from Stockholm to Milan, from London to Moscow.

Format:  The first 2/3 of the semester will be devoted to
readings and discussions of primary and secondary sources,
including two novels (Picture of Dorian Gray and Against the
Grain), and the main texts of Symbolist art:  Delevoy and

During the last 1/3, students will make 20-minute presentations.

Requirements:  Groups of 3-4 students will lead one of the
readings discussions.
In addition, students will conduct a research project on the
topic of their choice.
Findings will be presented in the form of a 20-minute,
conference-style paper, summarized in a 1-page abstract, and
elaborated in a 15-20 page article-style paper.