Fine Arts | History of the Comics
H150 | 2087 | Flaten

This course will cover the history of comic art and its influence
on our culture.  Specific topics include the early narrative;
18th and 19th century caricature; the early comic strip;
adventure strips and the advent of illustrators; comic books and
superheroes; funny animals; WWII and post-war years in strips and
books; the 1940s and the decadence of the 1950s; crime comics;
the Comics Code controversy; the Marvel Age; the DC Silver Age;
underground comics; the late 1960s and the 1970s---bell bottoms,
drugs, realism, illusionism, fantasy and psyche delia; the 1980s;
modern strips; the nature of strip and book production; and
digitalization in comics, the ad media and beyond.