Fine Arts | Advanced Studio Projects
U450 | 2253 | Chicago

Faculty guest artist/author Judy Chicago.  An intensive project class will be facilitated by Judy
Chicago who will guide students in art-making, from personal content to public presentation.
This will involve students working either individually or collaboratively on art which will be
exhibited to the public at the end of the semester.  In addition to the project, students will be
exposed to the process of documentation of the process and of the work, which will then
become a component in the exhibition. The intention of the project is to help students
understand what it takes to succeed at professional art practice and to help them build
confidence in their own interests and directions.  Students will be encouraged to participate as
time allows in as many related activities associated with the semester-long residency of Judy
Chicago.  There are required readings prior to the start of the semester and entry is by portfolio
review in the form of no more than 20 slides, one of which should be marked for use in an
online student profile, and a one-page statement explaining why you would like to enroll.  Due
no later than March 1, 1999 to Professor Peg Brand in Gender Studies.  For more information,
please see