F252 | 2303 | Bauman

Meets with CMCL C334.  Social life is a communicative achievement,
accomplished through the communicative acts of its members.  To be a
member of society, then, is to be able to communicate in socially
appropriate and understandable ways, the most basic of which are ways of
speaking.  Who are we, what we do, how, when, where, and under what
circumstances we do it all rest on ways of speaking:  think of the
differences between talking like a man and talking like a woman, speaking
with an eastern accent and speaking with a southern accent, making a
speech and greeting a friend, participating in a business meeting and
participating in a religious service, telling a joke and making a promise,
talking to your boss and talking to your cat.  Moreover, ways of speaking
vary from one culture to another:  a greeting in Korea is a very different
from a greeting in Ghana or Brazil or the U.S.  In this course, we will
explore the forms, functions, and meanings of ways of speaking in our own
and other cultures.  We will do so by means of readings, media
presentations, empirical projects, and classroom discussion.

Students will be evaluated on the basis of a series of short writing
assignments (in and out of class), some of which will be tied to class

Fulfills a COAS Arts and Humanities Traditions and Ideas distribution