F253 | 2304 | Tuohy

Authorization needed from department and requires permission from
instructor (

Meets with F722.  Undergraduate students who have successfully completed
two or more courses in folklore, ethnomusicology, and/or anthropology
(particularly FOLK F251 or other social-cultural theory courses) should be
prepared for this course.  However, we meet in conjunction with a graduate
course; all students will be expected to keep up with readings and writing
assignments which may be heavier than what might typically be expected in
general undergraduate courses.

Course description: This course will focus on two topics:  (1) the
ethnographic study of the individual; and (2) the issue of the "space"
between conducting research with/about individuals and writing about
culture, society, and other types of human or musical collectivities.  We
will examine theories, methods, and goals in research on the performer or
individual, including the ways in which such studies are contextualized.
One of the first issues to be addressed relates to concepts and roles of
the individual, self, person, and performer--in ethnomusicological and
folklore theory as well as in other theoretical domains, such as those we
may encounter in the field.

The course will be interdisciplinary, with reading materials drawn from
ethnomusicology, folklore, cultural studies, oral history, and
anthropology.  Among the genres and keywords discussed in our readings and
class are: biography, autobiography, life history, culture and
personality, self, agency, identity, body and voice, the performer and
society, the musician and music, and repertoire.  One of our primary goals
will be to build upon theoretical approaches to the study of the
individual.  Through research projects, students will explore a
class-related topic of their choosing (fieldwork-based papers would also
be appropriate).

Course requirements: Requirements include:  (1) class preparation
(including reading assigned material) and participation (including a class
presentation); (2) a research project (including a proposal; a 4-page
paper on theory and approach; and a final term paper of approximately
20-25 pages).  Grades will be based on the assignments (75 points) and
class participation (25 points; this includes meeting class deadlines).

All required readings--5-6 books and a class reader of approximately 150
pages--will be on reserve in the main library; books will be ordered
through the IU book store and TIS.

Fulfills a COAS Social and Historical Studies, Social Inquiry distribution