F600 | 2318 | Janelli

Meets with F430.  Graduate students from all departments are welcome.

Description and Objectives.  Much recent research argues that many
apparently long-standing traditions and social groups are recent
creations.  This seminar explores the processes of retrospectively shaping
and reshaping local and national traditions and identities in Korea,
China, and Japan.  Through a series of case studies, the course examines
the motives, choices, and strategies attached to claiming historicity for
particular ideas, practices, and identities.  Topics include popular
religion, local festivities, folk crafts, the "Confucian" family,
ethnicity, and national identity.  This class meets with F430.

Requirements and Evaluation Policies.  Each participant is asked to:

1.  Submit a series of one-page synopses setting forth the main
point(s) of each of the assigned books prior to its discussion in
class on Mondays, and two written questions for class discussion on
that day.  These submissions will be graded and will contribute 25% of
the course grade.
2.  Contribute to class discussions (25%)
3.  Present a 20-minute summary of the results of his/her original
research and endure 20 minutes of constructive criticism from the rest
of the class (20%)
4.  Submit a written research paper of about 20 to 30 pages on a
relevant topic of his/her choice (30%)

Required text.
Bestor, Theodore C., Neighborhood Tokyo.  Standard, Calif: Stanford
	University Press, 1989. ISBN: 0-8047-1797-4.
Constable, Nicole, Christian Souls and Chinese Spirits: A Hakka Community
	in Hong Kong. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1994.  ISBN:
Duara, Prasenjit, Rescuing History from the Nation: Questioning Narratives
	of Modern China.  Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1995.
Handler, Richard, Politics and the Politics of Culture in Quebec. Madison:
	University of Wisconsin, 1988.  ISBN: 0-299-11514-3.
Helen Hardacre, Shinto and the State, 1868-1988.  Princeton, N.J.:
	Princeton University Press, 1989.  ISBN: 0-691-02052-3.
Janelli, Roger L., with Dawnhee Yim, Making Capitalism: The Social and
	Cultural Construction of a South Korean Conglomerate.  Stanford, Calif:
	Stanford University Press, 1993.  ISBN: 0-8047-2524-1.
Robertson, Jennifer, Native and Newcomer: Making and Remaking a Japanese
	City.  Berkeley: University of California Press, 1991. ISBN:
Vlastos, Stephen, Mirror or Modernity: Invented Traditions of Modern
Japan.  Berkeley: University of California, 1998.  ISBN: 0-520-20637-1.