F740 | 2321 | Tuohy

This course looks at the philosophies, problems, and approaches scholars
have used as they move from the texts of fieldwork (in a broad sense) to
those of ethnographic and theoretical writings.  We will consider the word
and treatments of 'text' broadly to explore key concepts and practices in
both ethnomusicology and folklore, including: field notes, reports, and
recordings; archival texts; transcription; ethnographies; and theoretical
works.  We will study the history of the idea of texts in our disciplines
as well as more contemporary concepts such as writing and inscribing
culture and en/con/retextualization.

Requirements tentatively include:  (1) class preparation (including
reading assigned material) and participation; (2) a reading journal
(focusing on key concepts and approaches put forth in our class readings);
(3) a research project (including a proposal and a final term paper of
approximately 20-25 pages) based on library, archival, or field research.
Grades will be based on the assignments (75 points) and class
participation (25 points; this includes meeting class deadlines).
All required readings will be on reserve in the main library; books will
be ordered through the IU book store and TIS.  The course counts as a
"core" course in the Ethnomusicology Program curriculum.