F750 | 2323 | Stoeltje

Meets first eight weeks only.  Meets CMCL C626 and PRST P600.  The attempt
to understand basic categories of female and male as constructed in
society often fails to capture the experience of women and men, especially
women.  Shifting to a performance perspective permits us to focus on
gendered experience and the forms in which that experience is communicated
and interpreted.  The course will be organized into three sections.  In
the first section,  we will focus on women in African societies as they
represent themselves in courts, participate in both traditional and modern
religions, engage in cooperative activities with other women, exercise
authority in political arenas and express themselves in story, music and
song.  The second section focuses on women in India and will examine
women's traditional forms of expression in the northwest.  The third
section of the course will draw upon English speaking women's experiences
with birth, violence, and romance.  This section will include a focus on
murdered girl ballads, narratives of birth, and feminist folk tales.