French And Italian | Lectures et analyses littéraires
F300 | 2402 | Macphail

This course is our introduction to the study of French literature.  We will
read and discuss literary texts of different genres and different periods
in order to develop our critical faculties and our language skills.  We will
begin with a selection of lyric poems from the Ansart anthology, and each
student will present a brief exposé and compose a short essay on a
poem chosen from our anthology.  Then we will read Voltaire's novel, or
conte philosophique Candide, which will be the subject of our in-class
midterm exam.  Next we will read 6 or 7 short stories from the anthology
Contes et nouvelles, and the students will make a presentation in
class and write an essay on a story of their choice.  For our last assignment,
we will read Eugene Ionesco's notorious comedy La Cantatrice chauve
and an essay by Ionesco from Notes et contre-notes.  The final exam
will cover Ionesco.  All assignments are in French.