French And Italian | Theatre et essai
F305 | 2405 | Gerrard

This course, Théâtre et essai, will study masterpieces in their
entirety: two classical tragedies of the seventeenth century (Horace
by Corneille, Andromaque by Racine); Molière's comedy of
character and manners (Le Misanthrope); Musset's bittersweet play
(On ne badine pas avec l'amour); and four works of non-fiction
(Pascal's Pensées, Voltaire's Lettres philosophiques,
Descartes' Discours de la méthode, and Sartre's witty
autobiography, Les Mots.

During the sixth week, an examination will be administered for 1/3 of the
course grade; this test will cover three works of the seventeenth century.
Throughout the course French will be the language used.  The final exam will
count for 2/3 of the course grade; it will not be comprehensive.