French And Italian | Roman et poésie
F306 | 2408 | Macphail

In this course we study fictional narratives and lyric poems from all
different periods of French literary history.  We will begin with a medieval
romance by Chrétien de Troyes and then study a brief selection of
poems from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.  Then we will read Cyrano
de Bergerac's science fiction novel Les états et empires de la
lune (L' autre monde), from the 17th century.  Next we will read a large
selection of poetry from LaFontaine to Guillaume Apollinaire.  Finally, we
will study a novel by Marguerite Duras.  After each novel, we will take an
in-class essay exam which we will prepare beforehand by discussing possible
essay questions.  For poetry, the students will make a presentation and write
an essay on a poem of their choice from our class reader, the renowned Ansart
Anthology.  Each student will have the opportunity to revise his or her essay
in accordance with the professor's scrupulous corrections.  The final grade
will be determined on the basis of the three exams, the revised paper, and
the degree of exhuberance with which each student participates in class