French And Italian | 20th Century French Literature in Translation
F310 | 2409 | Gerrard

This course is not meant for French majors.  It is given entirely in English
and carries credit for "Foreign Culture" and "Arts and Humanities."  It
examines all types of people and covers the finest authors.  There is some
variety of genres, excluding only poetry because of the difficulty of
translation.  There is Camus' famous essay, The Myth of Sisyphus;
there are extraordinary plays by Beckett, Genet, and Ionesco.  The novelists
are Proust (Swann's Way), Gide (Lafcadio's Adventures),
Céline (Journey to the End of the Night) Sartre (Nausea),
and Camus (The Fall).

There are two take-home examinations which count 25% each.  The final
examination will count 50%.  It is hoped that this course will illustrate
certain facets of contemporary French life.