French And Italian | Advanced Grammar and Composition I
F313 | 2413 | Hinds

This is the first half of a two-course sequence devoted to a comprehensive
study of French grammar.  Emphasis is on the written language so as to
improve students' vocabulary and command of sophisticated grammatical
structures.  This course uses a translation method to expand communicative
possibilities.  In addition to the systematic study of grammar, five readings
drawn from modern short fiction are studied for their linguistic interest.
Students will be graded on the basis of attendance, preparation of written
exercises, quizzes, two one-hour examinations and a final exam.

Required textbooks: Harper's Grammar of French and Readings and
Lessons to Accompany Harper's Grammar of French.  Students are expected
to own or have access to a good bilingual dictionary, such as the
Collins-Robert.  Moreover, students will be encouraged to consult a
good monolingual French dictionary, such as Le Petit Robert or