French And Italian | Phonetics and Pronunciation
F315 | 2515 | Valdman

French F315 has three objectives: (1) to develop students' communicative
skills by practice in listening comprehension and conversational practice;
(2) to improve students' pronunciation accuracy and oral fluency and to train
them to evaluate their own pronunciation; (3) to learn about the sound system
and its role in the grammar vocabulary of the language, as well as a marker
of social and geographical identity.  The focus will be on the pronunciation
of Standard French, that is, the speech of the educated Parisian that serves
as model in the French speaking world.  However, students will be introduced
to salient features of other varieties in France and in North America,
especially Louisiana, the Caribbean, and Quebec.

The course meets five times weekly: two small practice sessions (10-12
students), two lectures, and one session of practice in the language lab
under the supervision of the instructors or tutorial instruction. The
lecturer is a professorial level instructor and native speaker of Parisian
French and the small-group instructor an advanced associate instructor with
native or near-native pronunciation skills.  All components of the course are
taught in French.