French And Italian | Medieval French Literature I
F501 | 2432 | Mickel

The purpose of F501 is to teach students to read Old French, to prepare them
to use historical and literary documents and to prepare them for a broader
study of Old French literature.  We read all of Marie de France's Lais
and we read approximately 2000 lines of the Chanson de Roland.  Close
attention is given to forms of grammar and Old French syntax.  Additional
readings and discussion involve texts basic to an understanding of the Middle
Ages:  Prudentius' Psychomachia, Boethius' On the Consolation of
Philosophy, Einhardt's Life of Charlemagne, Augustine's On
Christian Doctrine.  Each day some time is given to reading, some to
commentary, and some to lecture and discussion.  Usually there is a term
paper and one exam.