French And Italian | Italian Renaissance Epic
M513 | 2471 | Lèbano

After a general introduction on the development of chivalric poetry in Italy
from the cantari popolari to Luigi Pulci's Morgante, the course
will focus on a close reading of Ariosto's and Tasso's masterpiece, preceded
by lectures aimed at illustrating the life and the cultural formation of the
poet as well as the meaning, importance and influence the Orlando furioso
and the Gerusalemme liberata had on other Italian and European authors.
Renaissance theories about the epic poem will also be discussed.  Students
will be assigned specific cantos, books or articles of critical nature for
presentation and discussion in class.  They will also be provided with useful
biographical notes, outlines of the poems to be studied and with a limited,
but comprehensive bibliography.  The course will be conducted solely in
Italian.  Graduate students will be required to write a research paper in
Italian on a topic agreed upon in consultation with the instructor.  Advanced
undergraduates enrolled in the course by permission of the instructor will
take, instead, a final written examination.

Required Texts:
Ludovico Ariosto, Orlando furioso. Ed., Lanfranco Caretti (2 vols).
Milano: Garzanti (paper).
Torquato Tasso, Gerusalemme liberata. Ed. Lanfranco Caretti. Bari:
Laterza. (paper).