Geography | Physical Meteorology and Climatology
G304 | 2520 | Schmid

Prerequisite:  Any introductory science course or consent of

This course further develops qualitative and quantitative
understanding of the physical processes that influence weather
and climate.  Topics include evolution, composition, and vertical
structure of the Earth's atmosphere; radiative forcing of the
Earth-atmosphere system, radiation laws and physics, reflection,
scatter, absorption, radiation balance; the cycling of energy
through the Earth-atmosphere system, conduction, convection,
evaporation, the energy balance; thermodynamics of the
atmosphere, moisture, condensation, clouds, precipitation;
dynamics of the atmosphere, winds at all scales; the daily
weather, air masses, fronts, forecasting, applied meteorology,
air pollution, wind energy.  A number of practical exercises
examine basic quantitative skills used in meteorology and
climatology.  G304 fulfills the NMNS distribution requirement.