Germanic Languages | Introduction to Graduate Study in German
G503 | 2701 | Wailes

Three credit hour course; meets 8:00-8:50 a.m., MWF in BH 141.

The official course description reads:
Techniques of literary analysis, conventions of scholarly writing, use of bibliographic tools. Methodological approaches of various critical schools applied to selected works. Research paper on literary topic.
This course does not treat the graduate study of linguistics or cultural history. The "selected works" of German literature will be Gottfried Keller's ROMEO UND JULIA AUF DEM DORFE, Heinrich von Kleist's PRINZ FRIEDRICH VON HOMBURG, and a variety of poems. There will be several short papers as well as the longer essay mentioned in the description. Students will work with such research tools as dictionaries, handbooks, lexicons, journals, monographs, and bibliographic guides with attention to recent methods with older roots (e.g., psychoanalytic and feminist criticism). Texts: (+) Gutzen, EINFÜHRUNG IN DIE NEUERE DEUTSCHE LITERATURWISSENSCHAFT (+) Keller, ROMEO UND JULIA AUF DEM DORFE (+) Kleist, PRINZ FRIEDRICH VON HOMBURG