Germanic Languages | Seminar in Germanic Linguistics
G835 | 2713 | Sprouse

Topic: The Syntax and Semantics of Object Movement

Four credit hour course; meets 5:45-7:00 p.m.,MW in BH 332 (PLEASE NOTE: This
course meets with LING L714).

This course will critically examine recent scholarship on the syntax and
semantics of object movement in order to prepare students to write an original
research paper. We will consider questions such as the following:

(-) What type of movement (A-movement, A-bar movement, or a third type) does
object movement instantiate?
(-) Which functional categories are involved in object movement?
(-) Is there a distinction between Object Shift and Scrambling?
(-) Does "scrambling" represent a cross-linguistically unified phenomenon?
(-) What constraints is object movement subject to?
(-) Is object movement semantically motivated or semantically vacuous?
(-) How do rules of prosody interact with object movement?

We will consider data from a range of languages, including Germanic languages,
Romance languages, Hindi, Turkish, Japanese, and Korean, among others.

Approximately the first three-fourths of the semester will be devoted to class
discussions of scholarly articles and book chapters by linguists such as
Zeljko Boskovič & Daiko Takahashi, Chris Collins & Höskuldur
Thráinsson, Molly Diesing, Kyle Johnson, Richard Kayne, Masatoshi
Koizumi, Anoop Mahajan, Shigeru Miyagawa, Gereon Müller, Mamoru Saito,
Wolfgang Sternefeld & Joachim Sabel, Yuji Takano, Sten Vikner, and Jan-Wouter
Zwart. Each student will be responsible for presenting and leading the
discussion on one article or book chapter. There will be an "almost final"
exam. The remainder of the semester will be devoted to exposés, in
which students will present their course papers in progress.

This course assumes some background in syntactic theory, such as L543, G551,
G540, or the equivalent.  The course does NOT assume knowledge of German.

The course grade will be based on the following criteria:
(-) class participation, including presentation and exposé (25%)
(-) "almost final" exam (25%)
(-) course paper (50%)

Course materials:
(+) course packet
(+) additional materials on reserve in BH643
(+) instructor-generated handouts