Spanish & Portuguese | Modern Catalan Literature
C450 | 3931 | Sobrer

C450 Modern Catalan Literature (3 credits) AHLA

Given that we have been unable to offer C410 recently, the actual
prerequisite for the course will be consent of instructor; students should
be fluent in Spanish and willing to learn to read some Catalan along the way.

The class will be a panorama of the most engaging texts in all genres,
originally written in Catalan during the nineteenth and twentieth
centuries. Students with no previous exposure to the Catalan language will
read all of the sizeable texts in Spanish (or in some cases, English)
translation; students with a reading ability in Catalan will read in the
original. I will select readings that are enthralling and good literary
fun. The following list might give you an idea:
	"Terra baixa (Tierra baja)" by Angel Guimerá, a post-
romantic play.
	"Solitud (Soledad)" by VÝctor Catalá, a feminist novel
from the "Modernista" period
	Essays from the "Glosari/Glosario" by Eugeni[o] d'Ors, the guru
of "Noucentisme"
	A selection of the most representative poets from the thirties to
the sixties (Salvat-Papasseit, J. V. Foix, Espriu)
	Short stories by Pere Calders and Mercé Rodoreda
	The seminal novel "La plaša del Diamant (La plaza del
Diamante)" by Rodoreda
	Essays by Josep Pla
	Further narratives by Montserrat Roig and/or Carme Riera
	"Desig", a recent play by Josep M¬ Benet i Jornet

	Three short papers, a midterm and a final will be assigned for grades;
students will have the option to write in either Catalan or Spanish.
C450  #3931   1:25-2:15P  MWF  BH018  Professor J. Sobrer