Spanish & Portuguese | Luis-Brazilian Colloquium
P495 | 3939 | Karpa-Wilson

P495 Luso-Brazilian Colloquium (3 credits)
P:  Consent of the Department
Topic: Contemporary Brazilian Literature

In this course we will focus on literary texts produced in Brazil from the
1950s to the present.  We will look at various genres, including poetry,
drama, short fiction and the novel.  Some of the authors to be studied
include Guimaráes Rosa, Clarice Lispector, Joáo Cabral de
Melo Neto, Ariano Suassuna, Ivan Ângelo, Rubem Fonseca, Lya Luft,
Sônia Coutinho, and Sérgio Sant'Anna.

Students will give oral presentations and keep a written journal of their
readings.  They will also write a final paper on a research topic to be
discussed with the instructor.

P495     #3939    1:00-2:15P    TR    BH135   Prof. Sabrina Karpa-Wilson

This course meets jointly with HISP P581.