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S275  Introduction to Hispanic Culture  (3 cr.)

Prerequisite:  S250 or equivalent

S275 functions as a bridge between the S200 and S300 levels.  It counts as
part of the requirement to obtain a major or minor in Spanish.  It is an
intensive introduction to Hispanic culture through reading, writing,
listening, audio-visual, and conversational materials, with ample
opportunity to analyze and discuss the diverse cultural aspects of the
Hispanic world.  S275 also serves to review and expand upon all Spanish
grammar elements studied at the 100 and 200 levels.  The course will be
conducted entirely in Spanish.  By the time you have completed this course,
you should have a broad overview of the histories and cultures which make
the Spanish-speaking world what it is today, and be able to handle the
level of reading, writing, and speaking necessary to be successful in your
advanced language, literature, and civilization courses.  Evaluation is
based on homework, quizzes, exams, class participation, compositions, and
an oral presentation.  S275 can be applied to the COAS culture studies
requirement.  See Schedule of Classes for section numbers, times, days and