Spanish & Portuguese | Introduction to Expository Writing in Spanish
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S312 Introduction to Expository Writing in Spanish (3 credits)
P: S310 or S311 or equivalent

This course integrates the four basic language skills into a structured
approach to composition, focusing principally on expository writing.  Some
review of Spanish grammar will be included.  Students will write numerous
compositions, increasing in length as the semester progresses.  Emphasis
will be on correct usage, stylistic control, and clarity of expression.

S312     #4090        9:05-9:55A       MWF       LI 451      STAFF
S312     #4091       10:10-11:00A    MWF       BH247      STAFF
S312     #4092         1:25-2:15P      MWF       BH209       STAFF
S312     #4093          2:30-3:20P     MWF       BH331       STAFF
S312     #4094          4:40-5:30P     MWR       BH016      STAFF