Spanish & Portuguese | The Hispanic World II
S332 | 4108 | Friedman

S332 The Hispanic World II (3 credits)
P: S331 or equivalent

The course will explore Spanish culture and the fundamentals of textual
analysis through readings in narrative, drama, and poetry, and will also
include the viewing of two films.  There will be a reading assignment and a
brief writing exercise for each class, and students will be expected to
come to class prepared and to participate in discussion.  There will be
three tests and a final examination (non-comprehensive; 20% of the exam
will be based on a short list of key literary terms–studied earlier–from
all genres).  The course grade will reflect class participation and written
work (35%), the tests (45%), and the final exam (20%).  The class will be
conducted in Spanish.

Goals:   (1) polishing of reading, writing, and oral skills in Spanish
(2) appreciation of Spanish literature and culture
(3) practice in critical thinking and expression

Text:    Virgillo et al., "Aproximaciones al estudio de la literatura
hispánica", 4th ed.

S332     #4108      2:30-3:20P     MWF     BH140      Prof. Edward Friedman