Spanish & Portuguese | Latin American Culture and Civilization
S412 | 4111 | Salmon

S412 Latin American Culture and Civilization (3 credits)                CULT
P:  S275 or equivalent

S412 is designed to study the area of Latin America from various
disciplines.  It is neither strictly historical nor strictly problematic,
but is a mixture of both.  It is designed both to stimulate interest in
Latin America and to provide a basic knowledge of Latin America.  Through
the use of readings, lectures, movies, and slides, Latin America is
considered from various disciplines: archaeology, philosophy, art history,
history, political science, social anthropology, music and literature.
Various themes hold the course together: that of syncretism of two cultures
as seen in art, philosophy, religion and social structure, and that of the
rural/urban dichotomy as seen in traditional rural societies and modern
urban growth.  Readings are from many texts from the various disciplines.
Examinations test the accumulation of knowledge as well as the development
of critical views toward the problems of culture as it develops through
history.  As a whole, the course is conceived on the concept of culture as
cumulative process.  The course is conducted in Spanish.

S412      #4111      10:10-11:00A      MWF     BH144      Prof. Russell