Spanish & Portuguese | Modern Spanish Prose Fiction
S419 | 4112 | Wyers

S419 Modern Spanish  Prose Fiction (3 credits)             LIT
P: S331 and S332

This course will focus on Spanish prose fiction from mid-19th century
realism through post Spanish Civil War narrative.  We will read works to be
selected from Galdós, Valera, Unamuno, Baroja, Azorín,
Goytisolo, Villalonga, Rodoreda, Calders (not all those authors will be
read).  Each student will present at least one class report on a text not
included in the reading list.  We will take different critical approaches
to the works read so that students can become aware of theoretical and
critical issues.  There will be a take home final exam.  The final grade
will be based on class reports, exam, and participation in class discussion
which will be in Spanish.

S419     #4112       2:30-3:20P      MWF      BH246      Prof. Frances Wyers
This section meets with a HISP S498 course.

NOTE: Students wishing to receive credit for honors work must register for
this course under the rubric of READINGS FOR HONORS, S498, section #4120.