Spanish & Portuguese | Hispanic Literature & Society
S474 | 4116 | Fox

S474 Hispanic Literature & Society   (3 credits)                LIT
P:  S331-S332 or equivalent

Topic: Afro-Hispanic Artistic Expression

This course introduces the advanced undergraduate student to artistic
expression about and by peoples of African descent on both sides of the
Atlantic.  Texts will include all genres (prose narrative, poetry, theatre,
essay, film and song).  The class format emphasizes active participation in
discussion and presupposes attendance.  Materials include peninsular
writers Luis de Góngora, Francisco Gómez de Quevedo y
Villegas, Federico García Lorca; and new world authors Juan Manuel,
José Hernández, Nelson Estupiñan Bass, Gregorio
Martínez, Aída Cartagena Portalatín, Nancy
Morejón, Nicolas Guillén among others.  Evaluation will be
based on a midterm (20%); outlines and short papers (30%); oral
presentation (20%); and, a longer final paper (30%)

S474   #4116   3:35-4:25P   MWR   BH240    Prof. Patricia Fox