Spanish & Portuguese | U. S Latino Literature
S590 | 4129 | DÁVILA

Professor Luis Dávila
email: DAVILAL
TR   2:30 pm  - 3:45 pm     3cr.     section # 4129

Ballantine Hall 217
This course will consider literature written in the U.S. by Latinos.
Special attention will be paid to Chicano, Puerto Rican and Cuban American
works, but other pieces of Latino writing may well be included. A hallmark
of the course will be discussions of Hispanic dialogue with
English-speaking society regarding language, culture and literature.
Topics such as the Aztlan issue, post-nationalism in ethnic literature,
existential and ideological aspects of Latino literature, Latina feminism,
and the effects of the Latino diaspora will be considered.

Tomás Rivera, Gloria Anzaldúa, Richard Rodríguez,
Pedro Juan Soto, Rosario Ferré, José Luis González,
Cristina García and Oscar Hijuelos are some of the writers to be
included in our reading program.

Discussions about literature and writing thoughtfully about it will be of
the essence.  To that effect, our classes will convene in seminar fashion
and the class shall write a series of mini-essays and three interpretative

No exams.

The class will be in Spanish.