History | A222 2799 Law in America 1:00-2:15 TR WH003 Grossberg
A222 | 2799 | Grossberg

Law in America will examine the American legal system from the Revolution
to the present. It will use trials, judicial opinions, statutes, stories,
films, and other materials to study criminal prosecutions, private law
suites, and constitutional conflicts. The aim of the course is to help
students understand why law has had such a powerful role in the
development of American society and the consequences of the American
reliance on law. Students will be asked to complete book reports, a
mid-term exam, a final exam, and periodic in-class assignments. Reading
for the course will include a collection of legal cases and documents,
books on child custody, murder, and class action injury trials, and short
stories by authors like Herman Melville.