History | A300 2800 The American Civil War 2:30-3:45 TR JH A100 Stowe
A300 | 2800 | Stowe

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Please Note: students who took Prof. Stowe's A200 Civil War class
(Fall 1998) will
NOT receive credit for this A300 course and should not register.

As a conflict that challenged the very existence of the United States, the
Civil War was not only the most shattering political and military event in
our nation's history, it also shaped the personal lives of Americans
everywhere. The war was the turning point of an entire era: the end of
slavery; the beginnings of a new nationalism: the advent of mass
destruction; the redefinition of the very meaning of U.S. history. And it
has remained alive in the imaginations of many Americans since.

Beginning with a view of events underlying the conflict, this course will
cover the war as an event with far-reaching social and cultural
consequences for nationhood, citizenship, race relations, and
national/regional identity. Lectures and readings will include material on
the battlefield experience, homefronts North and South, and on the lives
of ordinary Americans who experienced the war.

Readings and Evaluation:
There will be a mid-term and a final exam. There will also be two essays
on assigned topics, stressing critical reading of Civil War documents.
Course reading includes a text on the war, as well as three other books.