History | A363 2805 Survey of Indiana History 1:00-2:15 TR SW007 Madison
A363 | 2805 | Madison

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What's a Hoosier? This course will survey the history of Indiana from
beginnings to the present and suggest a variety of possible answers to
that question. The course has three parts, arranged in rough chronological
order: part one, the frontier-pioneer era to 1850; part two, the era of
transition, 1850-1920; and part three, the modern era, 1920-1995.

In considering each era we will begin with a survey of the population and
economic base and then move on to consider selected social and political
groups and issues. An effort will be made also to understand values and
attitudes identified with Indiana. Throughout we will devote primary
attention to change, to understand the people of Indiana as they moved
from a rural, agricultural, frontier society to a more urban, industrial,
and "cosmopolitan" society. Equally important, the course will explore the
continuity of traditions in Indiana and consider those themes that made
the state distinctive. Specific issues studied include pioneer settlement,
ethnic neighborhoods, Progressive reform, the Ku Klux Klan, the Indiana
automobile industry, the politics of public education, and perhaps,

The core reading will be James H. Madison, The Indiana Way: A State
History, supplemented by additional books and essays on particular issues.
Grades are based on blue book examinations and short out-of-class papers.