History | E331 2831 Afri Hist: Ancient/Empire/Cty St 9:30-10:45 TR BH245 Brooks
E331 | 2831 | Brooks

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This course surveys the history of Africa from Paleolithic times to the
mid-18th century. There are no prerequisites. Topics include the
development of agriculture and pastoralism south of the Sahara; Egypt and
Kush; Carthage and North Africa to Roman times; Axum and Graeco-Roman
trade; East Africa's trading relations with the peoples of the Indian
Ocean: Indonesians, Arabs, Persians, and Indians; Bantu migrations; the
development of Swahili communities; commercial penetration of West Africa;
and European commerce and the development of the slave trade. All
assignments are on Reserve at the Library. There is a practice map quiz,
two "mini-exams", and a final examination. Graduate students are
responsible for a ten-page research paper.