History | H615 2866 Colloq-Early Mod West Eur Hist 7:00-9:00P M BH235 Field
H615 | 2866 | Field

Topic: Medieval and Renaissance Urban History
A portion of the above section reserved for majors

The colloquium will focus on the literature on the development of towns in
the later Middle Ages and
Renaissance, and on transformations within those towns. More attention
will be given to southern Europe
than elsewhere. Each participant will be expected to write about ten short
analytical papers on a variety of
secondary works, and to present these to the class. Grading will be based
on these papers, and on
classroom discussion: there will be no other assignments or exams. We
shall read Hans Baron, Samuel
Cohn, Natalie Davis, Richard Goldthwaite, Francis W. Kent, L. Matines, A.
Molho, Steven Ozment, Henri
Pirenne, T. Scott (on Freiburg), Max Weber, and others.