History | H650 2871 Collq United States History 7:00-9:00P M BH335 Stein
H650 | 2871 | Stein

Topic: Religion and Society in Early America to 1865
A portion of the above section reserved for majors
Above section meets with AMST  G620 and REL  R635

This graduate colloquium is designed to provide an opportunity to read
widely in the historical literature dealing with the interaction of
religion and society in early America. Readings will be drawn both from
traditional historiography in the field and also from recent publications.
Participants in the colloquium will have an opportunity, if they wish, to
identify a primary chronological focus in either the colonial or early
national/antebellum periods. Among the issues to be addressed will be
regional differences; religion and politics; issues of gender, race, and
class; religion and social reform, contact with native populations;
religion and popular culture; western expansion; slave religion; piety and
family life; and religion and health practices. Colloquium members will be
evaluated on in-class presentations as well as bibliographical essay on an
appropriate topic of their own choosing.