History | H699 2876 Collq/Comparative History 7:00-9:00P W BH141 Riley
H699 | 2876 | Riley

Topic: The Global History of Development Since 1700
A portion of the above section reserved for majors.
The issue that will motivate this course is the emergence and development
of inequalities among nations. In 1700 on major demographic, economic, and
cultural gauges there was not much room separating countries. Consider
average income, life expectancy, maternal and infant mortality, and
literacy. By 1950 the world was sharply divided between favored and
unfavored nations. How did that happen? Since 1950 there have been some
areas of convergence, and some areas of increasing divergence. What
national and international policies and programs have promoted these
trends? What does the future seem likely to hold?

During this course we will read theory and practical essays and books.
Among the theoretical subjects we will address modernization, dependency,
and social development theory. Among the practical issues, we will take up
some case studies of nations under going change in these areas between
1700 and 2000, with the particular case studies depending in part on the
interests of class members.

There will be some common reading in theory and practical information, but
most of the work will consist of independent reading selected because it
contributes to course topics. Class will be devoted chiefly to the
discussion of provocative issues and questions, with members of the class
making formal reports on their reading.