History | H720 2877 Sem Mod W. European Hist 7:00-9:00P R BH137 Domansky
H720 | 2877 | Domansky

Topic: History and Memory
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This research seminar will introduce graduate students to the booming
field of the "history of memory" in our discipline and it will allow them
to pursue a research project of their own on a related topic.  Some of the
aspects that we will explore are the differences between "memory" and
"historical consciousness;" between "knowing" and "understanding," between
"remembering" and "commemoration," and between "historical consciousness"
and "nostalgia."  Students will also be encouraged to explore the
intersections between otherwise diverging individual, collective and
public forms of memory.

For the first few weeks we will meet in class and read some of the classic
works on memory as well as some of the more recent contributions to this
area of historical research.  Since remembering cannot only be conceived
as a socially and culturally constructed process, the class will also read
material on psychoanalytical approaches to the study of memory.  During
the second part of the semester students are expected to pursue their own
projects and meet with me individually and/or in smaller groups. Towards
the end of the semester we will meet in class again where students will
have a chance of presenting their findings, before completing final
versions of their research papers.