History | H795 2881 Sem/African History 5:00-7:00P W ARR Hanson
H795 | 2881 | Hanson

Topic: Identity in Colonial and Post-Colonial Africa
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How did Africans construct their identities in the context of European
colonial rule and its aftermath? We explore this question as we read
selectively in the historical, anthropological, and sociological
literature on colonial and post-colonial Africa. A special feature of this
course is a guest lecture series: prominent historians and anthropologists
will speak from their own research at formal lectures and in private
sessions with members of the seminar.

African History minors and African Studies Minors may take the course for
variable (1 to 4) credits. Please see Professor Hanson for the range of
requirements (based on the credits). African History majors must enroll
for 4 credits and are required to write a seminar paper based on research
with primary and secondary sources.