History | J400 2838 Orthodox & Alternative Medicine 11:15-1:10 R BH141 Stowe
J400 | 2838 | Stowe

Topic: 19th Century United States
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The medical marketplace was wide-open in the 19th century United States,
with various kinds of healers competing for Americans' money, respect, and
faith. M.D.s were part of this competition, and the history of medicine
often has been written as if a sharp line divided M.D.s from alternative

In this semester we will take another look at this division, using it to
raise questions about the character and meaning of 19th century medical
practice, medical science, and sickness. By looking at these specifics, we
will be looking at a broader historical picture of American social life
and how historians have portrayed.

Readings will include selections from current medical history, plus
documents and artifacts from the American medical past. There will be
weekly short critiques and a final paper.