History | J400 2839 18th Cent. France & Britain 1:25-3:30 T BH321 Wahrman
J400 | 2839 | Wahrman

Topic: Political Culture in France and Britain in the 18th Century
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Politics-broadly conceived-has recently had a major historical comeback,
reflecting the drive to fuse together the methods and findings of social,
anthropological and cultural history, and to return the study of power to
center-stage. This course introduces fresh approaches to political culture
through the study of France and Britain, two nations that had always seen
each other as a political "Other", and never more so than during their
diverging political paths in the Age of Revolutions. Topics of discussion
will include: the politics of class formation, political symbols and
rituals, forms of political resistance, royalty and loyalty, the role of
language in politics, politics and theater, the making of a public sphere,
the political use of sex, the gendered construction of politics and the
political construction of gender.