History | J400 2840 Japan & U S - Inscrutable Allies 2:30-4:25 T BH137 Wilson
J400 | 2840 | Wilson

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The seminar will explore America's most peculiar modern foreign
entanglement-the great Cold War alliance that bound U. S. interests to
Japan despite a long history of conflict and war. Relations with Japan
were problematic after U.S. Commodore Perry opened the country in 1853.
Competing expressions of imperialism kept the two nations at odds most of
the time until the end of WW 2 allowed their interests to converge. Until
the Cold War ended, the U.S. promoted Japan's "miraculous" economic
performance while maintaining strict political control. Today the
relationship is challenged by Asia's economic "meltdown" and a resurgent
Japanese nationalism.

One take home midterm exam; 10 page term paper. Reading will consist of
seven paperback books headlined by Walter LeFeber, The Clash:
U.S.-Japanese Relations throughout History (1997) and S. Ienaga's The
Pacific War (1978). No final exam.