History | J400 2843 World War I 2:30-4:30 R BH221 Diehl
J400 | 2843 | Diehl

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In 1914 Europe went to war. Most participants expected a short, glorious,
and victorious war. Instead, they found themselves involved in a horrific
four-year war of industrial attrition that destroyed millions of lives and
the prosperous Europe of the 19th century. The social-economic, political,
and psychological strains of the war traumatized European society,
produced the violent ideological movements of communism and fascism, and
sowed the seeds for World War II. This course will examine World War I in
detail from four main perspectives: diplomatic/military; socioeconomic;
personal, and cultural. There will be weekly readings (100-300 pages),
several short papers, and, at the end of the course, a longer paper.