History | K392 2845 Honors Sem Historical Problems 11:15-1:10 W BH018 Struve
K392 | 2845 | Struve

Topic: Paths in History
Obtain on-line authorization from BH 706
Above section COAS intensive writing section and also
requires registration in COAS W333

This course will introduce History majors who qualify for the Honors
Program to a variety of approaches to the professional study of history,
using the scholarship and experiences of History Department faculty
members as examples. In each of three sections-Methodological Approaches,
Thematic Approaches, and Regional Issues-three professors will discuss
with students a product of their own research in relation to wider
developments in the field. For instance, Professor Cohen will present
methodological problems in studying historical memory, Professor Gamber
will discuss recent trends in the thematic history of work, and Professor
Bucur will illustrate regional issues in pursuing the history of Eastern
Europe. Students will write a paper on each of the three sections, as well
as a final paper related to the introductory reading in the course, David
Lowenthal's THE PAST IS A FOREIGN COUNTRY. This is an Intensive Writing
course, in which papers will be evaluated partly in accord with the
standards of Strunk & White's ELEMENTS OF STYLE.