Honors | Anthropology
A200 | 0445 | Vitelli

The course introduces the fundamental principles, concerns and obligations
of archaeology (thus, no background is required), and then explores the
impact of archaeology on the modern world, in the context of an informal
seminar. We look at the international trade in antiquities and the roles
of looters, dealers, auction houses, collectors, museums, lawyers, and
archaeologists; and the impact of the trade on e.g., third and fourth
world (indigenous) peoples, scholarship, and the public. We explore some
of the difficult and emotional issues surrounding the archaeology of
Native Americans, archaeology and tourism, the protection of cultural
heritage in times of war and political unrest, and the national and
international efforts to address all of the above.
Students participate in, and occasionally lead, discussions and debates;
write several short papers; and execute a team project.